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Charging From Home

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Wow! You're about to take the plunge in buying your first EV (Electric Vehicle). You'll also want to buy, and install a Level 2

EV charger.

Yes there are things to think about when picking a Level 2 EV charger.  One is you will eliminate reliance on public charging stations.  Almost all Level 2 EV chargers should truly charge your electric vehicle  battery overnight.

The set up and installation of your Level 2, 240 volt home charger, might be less expensive than you'd guess.  Many EV chargers can be hard wired, or plugged into your household electrical. Will your EV Charger be mounted indoors, or outdoors? Many have their own phone apps to manage charging and minimize cost. 

Positive Solar Energy can help you in finding the best solution that fits your needs.

Electric Vehicle Charger Mission BC.

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