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How big is a Solar Panel?

Clients ask when looking to go Solar, Where am I going to build my solar array?  Do I have enough Roof space?  Not all roofs have the space needed.  

For example if you are looking to install 20 solar panels 358 - 418 sq. ft. of roof space.  Solar arrays take up quite a bit of space, and not every property has this type of room.


Solar Panels come in two common configurations: 60-cell and

72-cell. The industry standard dimensions for each solar panel type are:

60-cell panels: 39" x 66"       (3.25 feet x 5.5 feet)    Depth 1.3 - 1.6"

72-cell panels: 39" x 77"       (3.25 feet x 6.42 feet)  Depth 1.3 - 1.6"

96-cell panels: 41.5 x 62.6"  (3.45 feet x 5.21 feet)  Depth 1.38"

Your system can be mounted on the roof, or on a ground mount somewhere on your property.  The exact size will depend on panel wattage and layout of array.

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