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Tosot Heat Pumps

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Looking to replace your Natural Gas Central Air Furnace? Tosot is the answer. Installing a Air Handler Heat Pump offers you the best of both worlds in Heating and Air Conditioning.  Tosot is designed to heat down to -30C.  Our Warranty is the best in the business, Ten years Parts, compressor, and Labor. Clean BC has grants for $6,000.

Central Air Heat Pump| Heat pumps HVAC |
 Ductless Mini-split HeatPump | Heat Pump HVAC |
 Ductless Mini-split Heat Pump | Heat Pumps HVAC |

Our LG heat pumps are versatile in heating and cooling. Our  LG Products feature LG RED (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) boast superior performance under challenging conditions.  This allows you to be warm even in the coldest winter months, when traditional units are unable to keep up with the demand.  Expect 100% heating capacity down to -15C and continuous

heating operation, even when it's -25C outside.

LG Heat pumps are versatile in heating and cooling.  The outdoor condenser sits outdoors, and looks similar to an air conditioner.  During the summer, the heat pump runs the air conditioning to your house.  With a three way valve it reverses the process and runs like a heater during the winter.  The coil super heats the air blown across the coil that heats your house.  These indoor units can be mounted on an inside wall.  If you have central heating system using a natural gas furnace, the gas furnace is removed, and our air Handler is put in its place to utilize your existing ductwork.

Heat pumps are versatile in that they run on electricity.  This electricity can all be powered from your solar array.  Positive solar energy can help you eliminate not only your electrical bill, but also your natural gas bill.  Our customers also install an EV charger and if your roof space is large enough you can eliminate all your energy consumption.

Currently the government provides $6,000 in grants to replace your Natural Gas equipment with a LG heat Pump.  They also provide $5,600 towards your Solar Array.  Why not go solar?. 

Positive Solar Energy gives you the tools to fight climate change.  You will then leave your children with a legacy, and a better Environment.

Heat Pumps Mission BC.

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