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Residential Solar Mission BC.

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Picture of Solar Array on a cloudy day| Solar Installers | Positive Solar Energy HVAC Plus
Grants $5,000 for solar, $6,000 for Heat Pumps

The question most asked.  Does British Columbia have enough Sun to make installing Solar Panels a viable option.               The answer is yes.

Our Q-Cell Panels are German Engineered, which produce the maximum Solar energy, and with the best industry Warranties. Even in low light conditions. Our Micro Inverters give you the most control over your solar array. We give you a smart phone app that monitors your solar production.

It's no secret Solar Power Blended with Heat Pumps, is the cleanest, most abundant form of renewable energy. Installing our Solar Panels can make your home carbon neutral. We not only eliminate your electrical bill, but also your Natural Gas bill, saving you money.  


Our solar arrays feature High quality Construction thereby giving you Peace Of Mind, knowing they will preform years without problems.  Going Solar does Make Sense.

We give you all the tools to fight climate change.

Qcells Solar Panels| Solar Installers |

Positive Solar Energy systems are backed with

warranties of up to 25 years.  The Products we

work with are German Engineered.


 We chose the best products for our customers.

We attend the worlds largest solar trade shows.

From Munich Germany we bring the products that are made to last with 30 years life expectancy.

We are always looking for what's the latest.

Our mission is to provide you with the best products.  And The best service.

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