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Battery Storage Mission BC.

Keep Calm, Even in the Storm

Picture of Battery storage system with car parked infront of house at night time| Solar Installers | Positive Solar Energy HVAC

The Enphase IQ8 Micro Inverters that we install on your roof are perfectly integrated with our IQ 10 batteries.  Our Enphase equipment switches energy from DC to AC, and back again for safe, reliable operation.

Enphase IQ Batteries are Nema 3R rated, they just keep on delivering safe AC power even in sleet, snow, and Ice. These Enphase IQ Batteries use intelligent storm guard technology that automatically tracks weather conditions.

The IQ battery system prioritizes power backup if a storm is approaching. This smart power system updates itself over the web to receive the latest technology updates.

Our Enphase IQ Batteries seamlessly integrates your standby Generator, along with your Solar array, for more power during extended grid outages, so no resetting your clocks is necessary.  The Enphase IQ controller turns power hungry appliances on and off automatically from the Enphase app to conserve your battery energy when running on backup power.

Growing up was never so easy! Yes with your Enphase IQ system you can easily design your system to your power needs.  As you grow in time, adding an extra battery is seamless.

You're just a tap away. With Enphase IQ battery system you track how much energy you have stored, managing how much energy is available for backups and more.

Finally Enphase IQ batteries are covered by an industry - leading 10 year warranty, with an optional 5 year limited warranty extension available for purchase.

With Positive Solar Energy we provide the best tools for fighting climate change. Yes this is the best legacy you can leave for your children.

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